King’s Kids

Every Sundays Campus, we run a kids ministry for ages 3-11. During this time, our volunteer teachers handle Bible lessons, crafts and other activities. We believe that it’s best for kids to start at a young age to know and have a relationship with Jesus.

William Davidson Elementary (Gym)
15550-99A Avenue | V3R 9H4

Send us an email at if you have any questions.



We have a vibrant and active youth ministry that meets every Friday 6:30PM. Rest assured, it’s not just all about fun and games. We aim to make a difference in this generation by reading and learning the Scriptures together.

We are active in our social media platforms. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information. (@rockgenyouth)

*Location drops are announced in our social media platforms within the week so stay tuned*

Contact Meilynn @ 604-910-5613 for info.

Young Adults

If you are a college student, a young professional, or just a young adult, we encourage you to come and join us Saturday evenings at 6PM. Come and meet new people and be encouraged to know more about God.

6691 Randolph Avenue
Burnaby, BC | Basement Suite
We meet every Saturday 6PM

Contact Paula @ 778-994-2923 for info.

CARE Groups

Whether you are single, a couple or a family, we have CARE Groups meeting every week Friday evenings. CARE groups are groups of 8-10 people who meet in homes each week to build authentic relationships with each other, tackle through the truths in the Bible through weekly sessions, and encourage each other to live lives worthy of our calling.

See this video to have a better understanding of what a typical CARE Group looks like.

Send us an email at if you’d like to know more info on where CARE Groups meet near your area.